Hi everyone, my name is Nicholas, and I live in Townsville.

I am a fan of anime and I enjoy playing video games.  Because of my interests, I would like to pursue a career in animation for television shows and video games.

I am studying a Bachelor of Digital Media at CQU, and this semester my courses include Communication in Professional Contexts, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, and 3D Animation.

The unit Communication in Professional Contexts introduces students to elementary professional communication concepts. It has an emphasis on improving skills in research, referencing, writing and speaking clearly, and the use of appropriate mediums.

Communication is interaction between two or more individuals, and must be tailored to suit its context and target audience.  Professional communications are usually presented in a formal writing style.

As I am a distance student, I have no scheduled classes to attend, but participating in the regular Zoom conferences will be useful.  Important dates in this unit are the three assignment due dates:

Assignment One – 21 April

Assignment Two – 19 May

Assignment Three – 5 June 2017.

Blog posts must also be published at specified times.

As I have an informal writing style, and I’m uncomfortable with spoken communications, this unit will be a challenge.  However, I look forward to meeting that challenge.


Anastasiou, L. (Photographer). (2017). Nicholas at paintball [digital image].  Anastasiou Family Private Collection.

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