This is the End… but I’ll be back!

Well, here we are at the end of this blog assignment for Communication in Professional Contexts.  

I mentioned in my introductory blog that professional communications are usually presented in a formal writing style.

But in that first blog, I also wrote that communication must be tailored to suit its context and target audience.  

My target audience for these posts includes CQU lecturers and fellow students.  Therefore I wanted to fulfil the criteria for the task, while also informing and entertaining my peers. 

As this assignment involved a blog, rather than a more formal report, I allowed my own more informal voice to be heard occasionally (Not at the expense of my final mark, I hope). 

In “Punctuation Matters” this took the form of a couple of semi-humorous asides in brackets.  

I did the same in “Technology: The New “Face” Of Communication”, as well as using a little wordplay, noting that with technology becoming the new “face” of communication, we need to “face” the real world sometimes and indulge in “face-to-face” conversation.   

In “Exercising Emotional Intelligence”, I played up the “exercise” angle, describing the “anatomy” of EQ, and suggesting “workouts” to make a person’s EQ stronger.

These little additions hopefully made the blog posts more enjoyable to read, without detracting from the information provided.  They definitely made the posts easier for me to write!


Anastasiou, L. (Photographer). (2017). Nick at paintball [digital image].  Anastasiou Family Private Collection.

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